Monthly Archives: December 2005

Hmm… when will this get moving?

Well, not much progress has been made moving this site over. I have started another internal blog at Apple about the work I’m doing on Xcode’s editor. Can’t talk about it here though. 🙂 The one thing that really matters about moving the site over is setting up a mail server for me, Teresa, and my mom. Setting up email is scary. (Not technically.) Then again, change is scary. And, I’m lazy.

A new beginning

The ewingdev web site has been languishing for a number of years now. It’s time to enter the modern era. I’ve found some new web page software that looks to have some promise. It’s called RapidWeaver. And it has a blogging feature… as you may have noticed.

Years ago, ewingdev was originally built using Visual Page, a nice, simple HTML editor from Symantec (where I used to work). I’ve tried many other editors since then, but nothing came close in simplicity.