Monthly Archives: March 2006

The beginnings of a deck and more

Well, it was pretty nice for a few days (60-70’s), so they got the deck framed in and put down forms for some concrete paths. Then it snowed. So who knows when the concrete truck will come. The inside is all textured and primed, and the ceilings have been painted. The “back entry” from the garage and laundry room are all tiled and grouted. And they’ve even started on trim. I’m going to be in Cupertino next week for work. I imagine things will look very different when I get back.

Pasted Graphic

A little tour

The drywall is up. And as I type this they’re getting ready to put the texture on the walls. Painting happens on Monday. I did a walkthrough, taking some pictures, and turned it into a little quicktime movie. It takes you from the kitchen into the new family room, the laundry room, the rec room, and finally my new office. Enjoy.