Monthly Archives: April 2006

Are we there yet?

Well, yeah, kinda….

We’ve been in the new addition for two weeks now. With the iMac G5 out on the desk area in the rec room, it’s a lot less convenient posting to a blog – the kids are always playing Harry Potter, or Dora the Explorer, or now, Rune Scape (no they’re not old enough for that last one, but it does look like fun).

Here’s a before and after shot from the back yard:

Pasted Graphic 1     Pasted Graphic 3

And here’s a before and after shot of the living room:

Pasted Graphic 5     Pasted Graphic 4

Yes, that second shot is from just last night – we’re putting things back in the house. And, as it was at the start, the living room is the staging area. Other than the piano, we’re not sure what will remain in the room when we’re truly done. Much of the furniture has moved to the family room or the new rec room, so there’s not much to fill in (what will soon be) an empty space.