Monthly Archives: December 2006

A busy holiday season

Wow, what a month! It all started with Tuba Christmas down in Denver. 343 tubas and ephoniums playing Christmas carols in Larimer Square. The music was actually rather difficult. I couldn’t play half of it with only two hours of rehearsal. I expect next year will be better. Here are some more photos up on flikr.

Then, as our family was about to descend on us, the biggest blizzard that I can remember in Colorado hit. It meant lots of canceled plans, and stranded Ellie’s family in their cold and dark house.

Nevertheless, we had a great Christmas. Ruth and Jen came out sporting new rings. We’re all waiting to hear when the big date will be! As always, Lora helped cook up a storm. Jeannette and Steve came out the day after Christmas and stayed the rest of the week. The cousins had a great time playing together. Here are some photos of the week.

Like son, like father


Scott got a euphonium, so I needed one too. This instrument was made by Boosey & Co. in 1928. That’s old! It shows lots of wear. But it also shows lots of love, plays beautifully and has a wonderful mellow tone. It’s been re-plated in silver rather recently, so it’s really pretty. It also has a fourth valve (that takes it down a fourth) that’s played with the left hand. That is taking some getting used to.

I also picked up a very scary looking Holton tuba on eBay. It actually plays quite well, but it’s too ugly to show a picture. And it kinda smells too. Once I restore it a bit, I’ll show some before/after shots.

So, next Sunday, Scott and I, and other kids from his school, are going to take part in Tuba Christmas in Denver. (It’s at 1pm in Larimer Square.) We’re both really looking forward to it. I had planned to go to it back in 1983, when I was in college. But it just didn’t work out. I’d kinda forgotten about it since. It should be a blast!