Monthly Archives: December 2007

Another K, sort of

I finally downloaded the data from my HAC4 bike computer. Apparently at some point in the past, I’d accidentally turned its alarm clock on – set to 11pm. I brought it into the house about a month ago and put it into a drawer. Well, a few days ago, I finally figured out where that annoying beeping was coming from. It took a few more days before I was inspired to find the manual so that I could turn the thing off. And with the manual in hand, I reminded myself how to download the data (as I need to do every time I download the data).

Short story, 926 miles for 2007.

Longer story is that that doesn’t count at least 100 more miles indoors on my wind trainer in later winter/early spring. And it doesn’t count a few rides with dead batteries. And a few more rides in the rain where the thing was acting extremely confused. I figure this all counts for more than 1000 miles. At least that’s my story.

Still, this is several hundred miles below my goal for the year. (I’m not sure what the goal was. I just know it was higher.)

I did make it to Ward twice. (One trip was my goal.) But I never made it home from either of those trips. The tires on my new bike are way too soft and seem to attract glass. On the first trip, I ran out of CO2 cartridges, tubes and patches. I coasted downhill for about 10 miles, refilling the holy tire with my inadequate hand pump after about 45 seconds or so. Teresa finally rescued me at the Left Hand fire station near the bottom of the hill. On the second trip, I’d headed north on the Peak to Peak highway and was almost to route 7 before I flatted out. That’s when I’d discovered that I’d bought non-threaded CO2 cartridges, that were of no use to me. I got a ride from the first or second car to come by to the route 7 intersection. A few minutes later, I got a ride the rest of the way home from a nice lady and her daughter who were heading home from a freezing, wet horseback ride near Estes Park. I’m sure they felt sorry for me. The rain they’d been riding in hit me about the time I got my flat. I must have been a sorry site.

I’ve since replaced the tires with some new ones recommended at University Bicycles. We’ll have to wait until spring to see if they’re any better. I sure hope so. (I’ve also gotten a new inflater that takes both threaded and non-threaded cartridges. A very wise investment. I learned the hard way.)

I also managed four trips to Jamestown, and another trip to the route 7 intersection up through Lyons. So, it was a good year for climbing (for me…). Still, my longest ride was only around 40 miles. It’s hard to rack up miles without some longer rides in there. I’d been hoping to do a metric century or two, but never managed it. The foreshortened ride on the Peak to Peak highway would have come close. Oh well, there’s always next year.

25th Reunion

Over Thanksgiving, I managed to sneak away to Boston for my 25th High School reunion. It was great and disappointing at the same time. Great to see some of my old friends that I’ve missed since leaving Brockton so long ago. It was especially great seeing Lewis and his wife. Lewis was a close friend from 4th grade on. We used to play trumpet together in the early days. I’d love to hear what we sounded like back then. It must have been horrible. I remember talking after concerts about how I’d screwed up (or, often, not played at all), and Lewis would claim to have messed up (or not played) at the same place! How could our parents have stood it? (Actually, I know how. More on that later.) Here’s what Lewis has done with himself since.

Well, it was disappointing for two reasons. The obvious was that there just weren’t enough people there. With something over 1100 graduating seniors, there couldn’t have been more than 150 at the reunion. There were a lot of folks I’d hoped to see again. The second disappointment was how poor I was at talking with everyone. That’s rather normal for me, I suppose. It was great hanging out with Linda, Robin, Kolleen, and Jeannette, and I’m so glad I did. But I got contact information from exactly two people who were there. Sigh….

Anyhow, for those of you who weren’t there (and those who were), send me some email and say “Hi”. It’s been too long.

And yes, I did wear my Rockies hat in Boston, though not at the reunion. I didn’t want to start a fight while wearing a suit.

Thanks to Jeannette for the pictures. Besides not getting anyone’s email addresses, I also left my camera in my room. Lame. There were some cameras on tables, so there are now pictures up at That’s cool.