Monthly Archives: December 2010

Hello world!

I’m trying out WordPress as a replacement for my old blog. It took a while to figure out that installing it was easy. Ah, Unix….

I don’t really have a good reason for resurrecting my old blog. Things are pretty active with Facebook and Twitter these days, but with both of those, there’s no real control over the content. I post pictures on Twitter, and I don’t even know what service I’ve uploaded them too. So, I guess I just want my own place to keep my own stuff.

I’m not really sure if I’ll end up saying much. I could see myself whining about the TSA, or talking about cool cycling or skiing trips. Things that don’t fit into 140 characters. I hope I’ll at least put pictures here. I don’t like all the cool ones getting lost inside Facebook’s walled garden, or worse, on twitpic, or the like (where they’re only found through tweets).

I’m sure I’ll still mostly use Facebook and Twitter. But now I can post from my iPad or iPhone. From anywhere. I’m posting this first message from my iPad while sitting on the couch watching E.T. with the family. I couldn’t do that before. Me like.

Next up, I need to figure out how to import all my old content. It doesn’t look too hard. Then maybe I’ll customize the look a bit. Not much though. Futzing around with that stuff ended up being a huge distraction and irritant with the old blog.

And before I get to that bit, it’s time to pack for one of those ski trips. Three days coming up in Breckenridge with the kids. Woo hoo!

Oh, and Happy New Year!