Monthly Archives: January 2014

Even more running and riding

I finished off 2013 with a bit over 3,400 combined miles running and cycling. A bit over 600 of that was running, a good 100 miles less than last year. I’m running the Colorado Marathon again this year, though this time with a larger group of friends. That means it’s time to start training. Unfortunately, I’m still recovering from a broken rib that happened at the beginning of December while playing hockey. And, heh, I’m also recovering from the flu. The 16 week training period doesn’t actually start for a week, but I’ve only run twice in the last month. Hopefully I’ll get a few runs in this coming week before the countdown begins.

In any case, part of the ritual is reviewing how training went last year. The two plans in the table below are from the book The Marathon Method. Training this past year didn’t go quite as smoothly as the previous year. Hopefully this year will be a bit more consistent.

2013 training