Another year of biking and running

As the year closes down, I’m about to hit 3000 miles total. That’s about 2300 miles on the bike and 700 running. I’ve signed up for the Colorado Marathon again, so I’ve transitioned back to running more than riding. Running really is more pleasant in the cold after all.

As I plan for the marathon, I wanted to look back at how training went last year. I came amazingly close to the the 16 week plans that I’d been following. I knew that skiing would get in the way of some real training, but that’s a good tradeoff to make for me. I put together a table of the two training plans I was looking at (the beginner and intermediate plans from The Marathon Method).


(I pasted a picture because I’m simply too lazy to deal with formatting tables in WordPress.)

I did four organized runs for the long runs as noted above (Frosty’s Frozen 10, Ralston Creek Half Marathon, and two Rocky Mountain Road Runner 20 mile runs). I managed to do more miles in my long runs than the even the intermediate plan had, but I was otherwise closer to the beginner plan. That’s probably because I rarely ran more than three times per week. I’ll shoot for about the same amount of training this time around.

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