Colorado Marathon and the impending BTC

It’s been over a month since I ran the Colorado Marathon. I finished ~14 minutes faster than last year, but missed my goal by a good bit. Here are my results. My official time was 4:49:05. Here’s what my GPS said I did on Strava.


This year, I really did try to push my pace a bit. I felt good most of the way. I was with the 4:30 pace group until the half marathon mark where I decided to stop for a pit stop. Even with the stop, I think the 2:17:47 time was a personal record. (If not, it’s close. I didn’t need to use the port-a-potties all that badly, so it’s a moral PR if nothing else.)

I ran the first five or so miles with my friend Patrick. We run at nearly the same speed, so it’s a good match. But he took a pit stop early, so I didn’t see him again until the finish.

Here’s a picture as I was approaching the finish. This is probably just before my legs gave out.

They didn’t literally give out, of course. But the fast starting pace finally caught up in the last few miles. With about 5 miles to go, the 4:45 pace group caught up to me. I stuck with them for a couple of miles, but just couldn’t keep it up. At about mile 25, I really needed to walk, and did so for a good 1/4 mile. The data on Strava shows the slow down pretty well. 🙂 (My GPS gave me extra mileage in the middle of the race, so it thinks my pace is under 11:00, though in reality it was a few seconds over.)

Even with the rookie mistake of going out too fast, I’m pleased with my results. Pacing is hard for such a long run. I pushed too hard to maintain the pace the whole way, but I didn’t push so hard that I couldn’t finish.

Next up for me (this weekend!) is the Bicycle Tour of Colorado. I’m riding with a couple of friends from Boulder who I ride with often. It’ll only be three of us because two dropped out after a bad accident a few weeks back. Blade and Alma are recovering well, but aren’t ready for the ride. Alma really shouldn’t ride until next season. Her crash was particularly bad, requiring emergency brain surgery. Her story is here. I was involved in the crash as well, but only had a small bruise on my shin.

I won’t go into more details here, but it was relatively slow speed crash at only 20 mph. It really reminds me how fragile we are. I plan to take next week’s riding especially carefully.

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