Cycling in 2010 (and 2009)

2010 was another good year for cycling. I managed around 2,600 miles, racking up a bunch of those miles on a few trips and charity rides.

In June I took the boys down to Hummingbird music camp in New Mexico. They were there for two weeks, and Teresa wanted them to get new clothes half way through, so I needed to make a second stop there a week later. In between, I took my bike and rode around Chama, NM, and Telluride and Durango, CO. The longest ride was out of Chama, 75 miles over Cumbres and La Manga passes to Fox Creek and back. But the big ride was Ouray to Silverton and back over Red Mountain pass.

Red Mountain pass is downright scary, with huge drop offs. Surprisingly, it’s scary going up, not down. Riding up at 4 mph, I was constantly scared that a big mobile home would pass me too close and send me flying down the side of the mountain. Of course, there were no close calls at all. At the top of the pass, there were a bunch of trucks and a movie production company filming something. I asked a driver what was being filmed, but he had no clue.

I also did the Courage Classic again last year, earning money for the Children’s Hospital in Denver. On the second day, I did the century ride. That was cool, except the last two hours were all rain.

In August, I did my first double metric century, SPAN the Rockies. It took me a bit over ten hours to ride the 125 miles with 9,400 ft of climbing from Boulder through Ward to Estes Park and back. The last 15 miles or so were really tough. A week later, I did another century ride, the Tour de Cure, from Longmont to Estes Park via Big Thompson canyon.

So, 2010 was a bit shorter than 2009’s 3000 miles, but included a bunch of harder rides. In 2009 I also did the Courage Classic and Tour de Cure, but also the Buffalo Bicycle Classic century ride. In 2010, the BBC was canceled due to the Four Mile Canyon fire. The boys were planning to ride one of the short routes with me, but that just wasn’t to be. Maybe this summer….

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