Toenails neatly trimmed

Actually, I trimmed them about a week ago to make sure they’d have time to heal before tomorrow’s marathon, just in case I did it poorly.

Training has gone pretty well this year. I have just over 350 miles in – just slightly less than last year. I missed two of my long runs – one because of a cold, and one due to our crazy spring snow. But I still got in two 20 mile training runs. The first was quite slow (12:30/mi) and had me really doubting that I could improve my time this year. I really didn’t feel good the whole run. But I did finish and wasn’t terribly sore afterwards.

The second went quite well. It was the Rocky Mountain Road Runners 20 mile marathon training run. I managed a 10:30/mi pace and felt strong the whole way. I don’t know if I can manage that pace for another hour, but I’m gonna give it a shot. Last year, I finished in 5:03. That’s a bit slower than I hoped (and expected). That may happen again this year, but if all goes well, I’m shooting for 4:35 (that 10:30/mi pace). There are pace groups this year, so I may try to stick with the 4:30 group. And if I can’t, I’ll just keep running.

One nice change this year is the lack of injury. Last year, I strained my Achilles two weeks before the race and I was really worried it would keep me from finishing. I babied it for the first 1/3 of the race before settling in and mostly forgetting about it. This year, my back has been a bit stiff, but that’s really nothing new. I’ve been rowing every week and doing core strength exercises. I can’t say that that’s helped, but it certainly has hurt.

Once this is done, I’m really looking forward to switching back to cycling. I signed up for the Bicycle Tour of Colorado with my cycling friends, and have felt like a slacker not getting in enough miles. That will change starting Monday. (Well, maybe Tuesday or Wednesday….) After the BTC, I’ll do the Courage Classic for the fifth time. I have a friend who wants me to the Imogene Pass Trail Run with him in September. It looks insanely hard and would be quite a commitment to tack on. I’ll have to decide if it’s possible soon.

Now, I’m off to Fort Collins to pick up my race packet and continue carbo-loading. Woohoo! Here goes nothing!

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