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ewingdev has moved

I finally flipped the switch and is hosted in the cloud. This will allow me to get rid of my old, slow DSL service and switch our main wifi over to using our SkyBeam internet. I’m not quite done moving all the old web content over, but it’s getting there.

Hello world!

I’m trying out WordPress as a replacement for my old blog. It took a while to figure out that installing it was easy. Ah, Unix….

I don’t really have a good reason for resurrecting my old blog. Things are pretty active with Facebook and Twitter these days, but with both of those, there’s no real control over the content. I post pictures on Twitter, and I don’t even know what service I’ve uploaded them too. So, I guess I just want my own place to keep my own stuff.

I’m not really sure if I’ll end up saying much. I could see myself whining about the TSA, or talking about cool cycling or skiing trips. Things that don’t fit into 140 characters. I hope I’ll at least put pictures here. I don’t like all the cool ones getting lost inside Facebook’s walled garden, or worse, on twitpic, or the like (where they’re only found through tweets).

I’m sure I’ll still mostly use Facebook and Twitter. But now I can post from my iPad or iPhone. From anywhere. I’m posting this first message from my iPad while sitting on the couch watching E.T. with the family. I couldn’t do that before. Me like.

Next up, I need to figure out how to import all my old content. It doesn’t look too hard. Then maybe I’ll customize the look a bit. Not much though. Futzing around with that stuff ended up being a huge distraction and irritant with the old blog.

And before I get to that bit, it’s time to pack for one of those ski trips. Three days coming up in Breckenridge with the kids. Woo hoo!

Oh, and Happy New Year!

Another couple of months go by

I’ve been meaning to add pictures from our summer vacation, and the tale of two weddings. But updating to the latest version of RapidWeaver kinda killed some of the website. Specifically, it really messed up the photo album pages. I realized this evening that that must have been because my custom theme no longer worked as the new version expects. So, time for a (slightly) new look. A few tweaks, and I’ll be done. Then to the weddings….

On line!

Well, yesterday moved from being hosted by (thanks to Mike and Patti for years of flawless service) to my own machine connected here at home. The process was mostly flawless… except when it comes to setting up email. Man, we’re still living in the dark ages! I’ve essentially followed the step by step processes given in Chapter 26 of Mac OS X Tiger Unleashed, and, other than one error in the book, it’s, uh, mostly worked. (We’ll see how quickly the errata shows up.)

I wasted most of my time last night trying to get postfix to come back after a reboot. Short story, I left out a quote in one of the scripts I typed in by hand. Sigh…

But I haven’t been able to get POP mail working. USER/PASS authentication is failing. The PAM setup is identical to IMAP, which is (was) working fine. Actually, this morning IMAP logins are failing too. Double sigh…

Did I say this process “mostly worked”? I guess that doesn’t seem to be true.

Update: a reboot of the server and IMAP is back again. I hope this doesn’t become a daily ritual.

The web site gets fatter

Since I kinda havta wait for my domain to get moved before I get email all the way working, I figured I’d flesh out the new web site a little. It’s now got some simple home pages for each of us, plus some of the old content moved over. Building simple (uh, very simple) photo albums using iPhoto and RapidWeaver is, uh, simple. So now there’s some pictures of what’s going on in our remodel, as well as some pictures of the never-nearly-done train set, and some pictures of the not-nearly-used-enough observatory being built.

Hmm… when will this get moving?

Well, not much progress has been made moving this site over. I have started another internal blog at Apple about the work I’m doing on Xcode’s editor. Can’t talk about it here though. 🙂 The one thing that really matters about moving the site over is setting up a mail server for me, Teresa, and my mom. Setting up email is scary. (Not technically.) Then again, change is scary. And, I’m lazy.

A new beginning

The ewingdev web site has been languishing for a number of years now. It’s time to enter the modern era. I’ve found some new web page software that looks to have some promise. It’s called RapidWeaver. And it has a blogging feature… as you may have noticed.

Years ago, ewingdev was originally built using Visual Page, a nice, simple HTML editor from Symantec (where I used to work). I’ve tried many other editors since then, but nothing came close in simplicity.