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Rockies are World Series bound!

Well, last night, my old friend Rhoads and I went to Coors Field to watch the Rockies complete the sweep of the Diamondbacks. Great game! As has now become common, the other team had their chances, but our pitching and defense held the day. Clint Hurdle made the brilliant move to take out his starting pitcher (who was stellar) in the fourth inning with two on and two out, leading to six runs!

Pasted Graphic

I’ll be on a flight to California next week when World Series tickets go on sale. But Teresa and Rhoads (and all his friends and relatives) are going to try and get some. I hope they do.

I put a few more pictures of the night up on Facebook. It’s much easier living on-line there, since I can post things from any machine (or my iPhone), rather than waiting for the kids to get off the family iMac.