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Bolder Boulder – After

I’m tired. I had a Longmont Concert Band concert up in Nederland after the race, so I decided to take a short detour to the East Portal of the Moffat Tunnel and watch some trains. 45 minutes later, nothing’s come by yet and I’m falling asleep.

The race went well this morning. It’s silly calling it a race, but I didn’t choose the name. And I suppose that many people actually are racing, though nobody near me.

I took the bus in from the Niwot park and ride, which was a really good choice. Getting to and from the race was a breeze. I was early, so I watched a bunch of waves start before I got in with mine.

The start was kinda slow. I’m used to going fast for the first mile or two when I run. That’s a bit stupid, but it’s what I do. My first two miles were at what I was hoping would be my average pace for the race. Then I slowed down even more.

It wasn’t until about the fourth mile that I realized why I was going so slowly. I wasn’t breathing very well. Since I’m used to running alone, I usually focus on my breathing. But there’s so much going on in the race, lots of bands playing, people in silly costumes, people handing out beer, donuts, and bacon (yes, seriously, all three, and at 8am – ick). I really couldn’t hear myself breath.

When I could focus on breathing, my heart rate would come down a bit, and I’d feel a little better. But I just couldn’t keep focused. Nevertheless, I kept going and only slowed briefly for drinks. I finished in 1:09:22, a bit slower than I’d hoped, but still just fine for an “old, fat guy”.

Now, when is a train going to come by?…

[update: My results. I came in 24,498th place. :-)]

Bolder Boulder – Before

It’s kinda silly, I know, but I’m nervous.

I’ve trained plenty. I’ve run nearly 100 miles this year, and 20 miles in the last two weeks, doing 6.5 miles on Tuesday. The week before that, I did a 6.3 mile run after not running for two and a half weeks. My goal was to finish in 68 minutes, and the run on Tuesday took 69 minutes. In theory, I won’t have any problem completing the 10k.

But I’ve never run with anyone else around me. The Bolder Boulder is the second largest 10k in the country, with more than 50,000 finishers. That’s so intimidating to me that I’ve never gone near the race in the 29 years I’ve lived here. My mother has walked it. My uncle has run it. Most of my active friends have done it. Not me.

But I started running last fall as a way to get exercise over the winter without being out in the cold so long on my bike. I’ve kinda come to liking running. I never thought I’d say that. While on that 6.5 mile run last week, I was actually thinking, ‘ya know, if I lost another 20 pounds, a half marathon would probably be pretty easy’. So stupid the way the brain works sometimes….

So here I am. I signed up to run with 50,000 other people. I’m committed. If I don’t get sucked into the moment and go too hard, I’ll finish easily. Still, I hope nobody trips me, or over me.


A few months ago, after years of thinking about it, I started running. I’ve always said that I couldn’t imagine anything more boring than running, but I’d never really done much. When I was on the tennis team in high school we used to have to run about a mile from the high school to the courts at West Junior High. Other than that, I think I’d run more than a mile only twice in my life – home from work in the late ’80s.

The first run I did in this modern era was on Halloween last year. It was 2.4 miles, out and back from my house. Since that distance is so short, and I’ve been cycling so much the last few years, that seemed like a reasonably easy run. But I just about died. I couldn’t actually go for more than about 1/4 mile before I’d have to stop and walk a bit. Still, I did actually go the whole distance, so it was a success.

After that, I decided to back off a bit and do runs in the 1.5 mile range. I also discovered that if I go at a really slow pace, I can keep going.

After that first run, I haven’t really needed to stop at any point. My average pace has been slowly climbing, and my average distance has also been increasing. I’ve now gone running 24 times in the last three months, racking up 60 miles. My longest run was 5 miles, and I’ve finished that 2.4 mile run a couple of times at a faster than 10 minutes per mile pace.

The other night, at my son’s Longmont Youth Symphony concert, there was a silent auction. One of the items was entrance for the BolderBoulder, a 10k race with 10’s of thousands of entrants. Admittedly, I’ve been thinking about running it this year, but now I’ve paid for it. I guess I’m committed.

So, is running boring like I thought it was? Well, I’m not really sure. It’s actually quite painful. Even going at what feels like a snail’s pace (relative to cycling, I suppose), I’m at my limit. I haven’t really had a chance to feel bored.