Bolder Boulder 2012

Since I was still feeling fine after the marathon, I figured I’d do the Bolder Boulder again this year and see how much I’ve improved. It was a fun run, but very different than last year.

Last year I felt like a ran along with most of the crowd, but with plenty of people passing me. I passed very few people along the way. This year it was the opposite. I found myself passing people constantly. It was a rather nice feeling. 🙂

I’m not saying I’m fast. Far from it. But I beat my time from last year by almost 11 minutes (almost 2 minutes/mile!). And I finished in the top 1/4, instead of almost exactly half way back. I stopped at pretty much every water station and had a gulp or two of Gatorade, and dumped water on my head. It wasn’t incredibly hot, but still hotter than last year.

Here’s my GPS data on Strava. I think links to the official results become stale, so here they are in line:

bib number: GK198
overall place: 12375
location: Longmont, CO
division: M47
division place: 135 out of 395 click
gender place: 8227 out of 21460 click
mile 1: 8:58.82
mile 2: 9:25.73
mile 3: 9:48.75
mile 4: 9:37.00
mile 5: 9:07.31
mile 6: 9:45.74
net time: 58:36.38
pace: 09:25

The view of the start of one of the many, many waves.

There are lots of crazy costumes.

The woman who started in front of me. The Vibram Five Finger shoes aren’t so weird, but the jeans are!

We finish up in Folsom Field. What a beautiful day!

And because I’m a nerd, here are my results from last year in line (it’s still possible to get to the official results, but it seems difficult to get a direct link that will stand the test of time, though I did just try):

bib number: G095
overall place: 24559/49211
location: Longmont, CO
division: M46
division place: 262/411
gender place: 13833/22358
mile 1: 10:37
mile 2: 10:32
mile 3: 11:23
mile 4: 11:27
mile 5: 11:20
mile 6: 11:40
net time: 1:09:22
pace: 11:09

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