Colorado Marathon


OK, I’m not really all that excited about it. But it did go really well, and I felt good for most of the “race”. My official time was 5:02:57. Official results are here. And here’s the GPS data on Strava.

My right Achilles/calf were a little sore for the first 8 miles. I stopped a few times to stretch it and rub it. For the next 8 miles after that, I didn’t feel it at all. Then, for the last 10 miles, I only felt it when I stopped and walked. I think it was good that I cut back my training so much the two weeks leading up to the race. But the injury wasn’t too bad in the end and really didn’t slow me down much.

Margaret said she was going to run behind me so that I could pace her. But that lasted for about a quarter mile. I intentionally ran slowly at first because of my calf and I didn’t catch her until mile 16. Actually, she had to catch me since I must have passed her at one of the aid stations. We ran together, taking it pretty easy, until mile 22. At that point she was having some GI issues, and I’m afraid I ditched her. (Yeah, I feel a little guilty. But she’s a big girl and can handle it.)

I finished the last four miles pretty strong. I passed a bunch of people, and was only passed by two others. (A couple who looked like they’d been sandbagging it the rest of the race. They zoomed passed me and disappeared into the distance.) There were a lot of people walking for good long stretches at that point. I’m pretty happy that I didn’t need to do that too.

My best mile was centered round mile 23, where I actually ran a little faster than a 10 minute/mile pace. Of course, I couldn’t keep that up and settled back to just above an 11 minute/mile pace. I did speed up for the final quarter mile stretch to the finish. I guess that’s required. 🙂

Evonne was there waiting at the finish and I gave her a high five on the way past. Apparently I sprayed her with my sweaty hand when I did that. Again, my apologies to her. Margaret came in a few minutes later looking strong. Her IT Band had bothered her on some of the long training runs we did, but it didn’t bother her at all that day. Very fortunate!

So, am I bummed that I didn’t finish in under five hours? Not in the slightest! It’s kinda fun pushing myself a little, but I find the sheer distance as the only real challange. Going fast doesn’t really do much for me. (Though, I suppose finishing sooner would be nice.)

Will I do another marathon? Quite possibly. I’ll definitely be doing more cycling than running over the summer. It’s much easier in the heat. I’d also like to do more trail running. We’ll just have to see where this leads….

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