Did I say something about injury?

I think I did.

Training for the marathon has gone well. I’ve had normal aches and pains along the way, but nothing major….

A week ago, in my exuberance for the last few weeks of training, I decided to ride to Ward. It’s a 22 mile, 4000′ climb from home that I do a few times a year now. I didn’t go too hard, though since I’m the lightest I’ve been ~25 years, it was still a personal record. When I got home, my right calf was a little sore. No big deal.

The next day I did a 10 mile “long run” as part of the taper. (The week before was 20 miles, so 10 no longer seems all that long.) I felt a sharp pain in my calf off and on the first half. It didn’t really feel all that bad. Also, no big deal.

Tuesday night I went for my first ever run in the dark. It was nice and cool after a day that hit the 80s. I was only doing 4 miles, so I decided to do a little speed about 2 1/2 miles into it. I ran at just over an 8 minute pace for about a mile. That’s very fast for me, and I was surprised I could keep it going so long. I don’t remember my calf hurting, but I think that that speed was a bad idea.

Thursday, I did a five mile run at an easy pace. Like Sunday, my calf was hurting off and on. The pain was sharper – a kind of burning sensation. Still, it would come and go, and didn’t seem too bad.

On Friday, walking around at home, the pain was worse. It definitely felt like burning, about six inches above my ankle. Looking it up on the web, I worried that I had a partial tear of my Achilles. Yikes!

So I’ve taken it easy the last few days. Yesterday, I only felt the pain a few times, and it didn’t feel nearly so strong.

Today, I had been planning to do a six mile run, but that seemed like a bad idea. I’ve certainly injured myself at some level and need to make sure I give it time to heal. I’ve put in plenty of miles so I figure I can still run next weekend as long as I don’t make things worse. A few less miles this week can’t ruin all that training.

But I also didn’t just want to lay on the couch for another day. Since my calf felt good all morning, I decided to go for a very easy bike ride. I’ve felt only a slight twinge of that pain in the hours since, so I think I was good and didn’t overdue it.

I’m planning to take it easy again tomorrow. I’ll either do a very short run on Tuesday or play hockey. I may do both….

Hopefully, this was really just another minor bump in the road. Coming just a week before the marathon, it still freaks me out. We’ll just have to see….

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