Time to taper

Well, it’s been a while. I did indeed sign up for the Colorado Marathon, and it’s now just three weeks away. Training has gone pretty well. I’ve managed to get in two 20 mile runs, along with lots of other long, slow distance runs over the last five months or so. I’ve totaled 523 miles since the beginning of November!

Both 20 mile runs we’re part of the Rocky Mountain Road Runners marathon training series. It’s been really nice doing a long run like that without carrying a Camelback. There’s nothing impressive about my results. Well, except that I finished both without any real trouble. I did experience some rather painful chafing on the first run, but some bandaids, compression shorts and butt cream solved those issues just fine. Yesterday’s run was slower than the first one, but I blame the wind. It was really strong on the second lap.

For the past week, I did 4 runs for a total 38 miles. That’s my max ever, and is just what I was hoping for for my peak training week. I also did a bike ride with the CyclingBoulder folks on Thursday. (My friends seem to be getting much faster. I had to push really hard and still couldn’t quite keep up.) And I played hockey on Tuesday. (I usually play once a week.) Altogether, a tough week, though I don’t feel all that worse for the wear.

With only three weeks to go, it’s now time to taper down my training. I’m rather happy about that, and I’m looking forward to riding my bike more. Indeed, I may find myself riding so much that I ruin the effects of tapering. But I think I’ll be ok with that. I’m not looking to win anything here.

I am hoping to finish in under 5 hours. Based on my training runs, that looks quite doable. I expect that only nature or injury would prevent it. But we won’t know for sure for three more weeks….

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